What do you know about HR Services?

HR services expand from ‘analyzing & designing jobs’ to ‘compliance of rules and regulations concerning employees, customers, and suppliers’.

This video gives us a basic idea what to expect when you talk about HR services.



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  • ” A special thanks to Mr. Hasan Nisar for facilitating Personal & Professional Development -2009 Workshop”
    Aitchison College Lahore
  • It has been a pleasure for me to have worked closely with Hasan Nisar Ahmed. I find Hasan to be a thorough professional with empathy for his colleagues which I think is a basic trait for any successful H.R. person.”
    Syed Babar Ali
  • I dare to say that Hasan’s understanding of the importance to engage, involve and motivate people, the human element, in the two tasks of ISO certification, was key to the successes.”
    Jan Hildingstam

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